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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fan Engagement

Fostering fan engagement is very important in all aspects of sports. Everyone from every different race, color, gender, age and religion can find some aspect of sports to relate to. In this post I will talk about different ways to engage fans from all walks of life with different sports. Men and women who engage in professional sports are elite athletes leaving the common fan to only dream about any such participation. These dreams are what makes us fans of the sports we love so dearly and this is why what Ken Potrock,Senior VP of Disney Sports Enterprises, along with the Walt Disney company are doing is so special. Giving kids the opportunity to play the sport of their choice and really gain the professional experience by hearing their name over the loud speaker or seeing their stats scroll across the bottom of the tv screen is really amazing. Not just amazing to the kids playing but to the families watching as well, who get to see their loved ones' names in lights. This is the closest 95% of us will get to the real thing and I commend Disney for making it possible. Not to mention the manicured fields and state of the art equipment the kids are able to use to further enhance the experience. I believe these are great ways to foster fan engagement while creative life long fans of all sports. What better way to foster fan engagement then by allowing people to truly experience their sport of choice. We have all pretended to hit a last second shot or hit a walk off homerun but these kids really get a chance to live it.

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