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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Who's to Blame?

The NBA lockout is coming upon day 111 and there still seems to be no end in sight. The latest talks started with promise as the owners as well as the players union met for over 16 hours on thursday and another 10 hours the next day. The talks then came to a sudden halt ending with what the players describe as an ultimatum, either take a 50-50 split of all revenue or we have nothing more to talk about. The players went as low as offering 52.5%-47.5% split for the players but the owners claim this is still far from their proposed 50-50 split (2011). So we are at an impasse with no talks schedule for the future and two weeks of the season already in the grinder. I think it's safe to say that more games are about to be cancelled and we just have to wait and see if Christmas day will be filled with basketball joy.

Last off season, Lebron James made a very important decision on national television that made some NBA owners mad and others nervous at what doors this may ultimately open in the future. A few months later, Carmelo Anthony utilized his power to do the same thing in Denver, which further let owners know that a new deal would have to switch some of the power back to them. Big name players made their power mover last off season and I think these actions may have pissed off some of the owners. The players have shown how much the old labor deal favored them and for this reason the owners will never let them keep a deal anywhere near this one. It's funny how the owners are like the free agents now, essentially holding the players hostage until they agree to a take it or leave it deal. The players will eventually fold and agree to the deal but in the meantime it's the fans who suffer. I blame both sides for not getting a deal done yet! Get a deal done and stop making basketball fans all around the world pay for your greed.

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